Wallside Windows has been serving the community with quality products and installation for over 70 years. We’re proud of the service we provide. Take a look at what some of our customers have said about their experience with Wallside Windows!

5 star ratingRated 4.9 out of 5 based upon 7 reviews.


5 star review by Brian Stephan via Facebook

“It’s 0 degrees tonite and I still can’t believe how much difference the new windows have made. Our house is much more comfortable and costs less to heat. The install team was highly skilled and professional. Thanks again.”



5 star review by Jacob Green via Facebook

“Just had 10 Windows replaced! Crew was very professional double checking everything before installing very happy with the service I received! I would recommend them!”



5 star review by Courtney Bee via Facebook

“Got windows for my entire house from wallside. They are beautiful and I’m very happy with them. The crew was great. Keon Thomas was very professional and answered any questions I had. So thanks to Keon and the crew for a great job.”



4 star review by Annette J. via Yelp

“A few months ago I had Wallside come to install storm windows and a new door in my screened in porch. The fella who came to do the estimate was really pleasant and explained everything in great detail. I sincerely liked him. He explained the payment options (I took advantage of the 3 year payment plan which made the upgrade fiscally manageable) and went over all the options I had available–from color to window type, etc. It was very painless.I committed to working with them right then and he left to go get the process started. Since they build the windows to fit it took a while for them to schedule my appointment but they made that clear so I wasn’t surprised. After about 4 weeks they called me to schedule my appointment for installation–a Friday in September.The day of the technician showed up a little late and by himself. He told me that his partner had called in that day but he still came to do the windows by himself. I wasn’t sure how that would go but he did a FANTASTIC job. It took a little while longer for him to get the job done (and it was raining to boot–poor guy) but the windows look amazing. The inside of my porch has wood siding so the sides of the windows took a little extra work (it has a zig-zag pattern around the edges) but he did a beautiful job.A little later in the day the fella who replaced the door showed up and he also did a nice job. They didn’t wrap up till around 4pm or so but they did a fab job. I’m very pleased with the results and my house looks MUCH better than before. Plus the porch retain some heat which helps with my heating costs!”



5 star review by A W. via Yelp

“I called Wallside in October because I wanted to get 3 windows and 2 doorwalls replaced before the Dec 31 energy tax credit deadline. In the process of shopping for someone to do this work, I talked to 5 different door/window contractors in the area and got quotes from each.The Wallside rep was not the slickest or the best-dressed, but to me he seemed the most honest and down to earth. Not only that, the Wallside quote was significantly less than all other competitors I talked to. Also, I like the fact that they make their own windows locally with local people in the factory, instead of outsourcing the work to somewhere cheaper in order to save a few dollars.So I inked a deal and set up an install date for 3 weeks later. The installers (just two guys) showed up right on time and got to work immediately. They started at around 10am and were done by 1pm, and did an absolutely fantastic job. Even the city inspector that stopped by a month afterward commented on how nice of a job they had done, and he sees a lot of home improvement work.Before the installers left, they gave me a quick tutorial on how to open, close, and clean the windows and doors, handed me the keys, hauled away all of the old windows and debris, and cleaned everything spotlessly. I was extremely impressed with the excellent job they did.

Now, my house is much warmer, less drafty, and noticeably quieter. I would recommend Wallside to anyone looking for windows or doorwalls.”



5 star review by Robert Riley via

“I just had 18 windows installed yesterday. I couldn’t be happier with my Wallside experience. The work crew was very friendly and professional.The windows are excellent. I’ve already noticed that they keep my house better insulated and cooler on hot summer days. They open and close easily and the double-hungs are simple to clean. The trim on the outside of the house looks great too. All around, a five-star experience.”



5 star review by Jolene Innis via

We purchased an older home in which a couple of the windows would occasionally slide down after opening. After being in the home a whole year we learned the windows were Wallside which had been installed by a prior owner. We contacted the company and described the issue, and they had someone come out to look at the windows later the same week. We received a call right away to schedule a time. Then Wallside confirmed the appointment the evening before. The service rep arrived on time, checked all the windows, fixed a few balances and sprayed/conditioned all the rest. Now the windows seem good as new. The rep was friendly, courteous, answered all my questions and showed me how the tilt windows work which I was unfamiliar with. Start to finish a great experience.”