High Performance Low-E Glass

Energy Efficient Insulated Glass

Typically, 75% of the exposed surface of a window is glass, which makes the glass such an important part of a window’s performance. To provide the most energy efficient product, Wallside offers high-performance insulated glass from Cardinal Glass Industries, saving you money every year. All of our products meet the updated EnergyStar® Version 6.0 requirements.

Energy Star Version 6.0

(Effective January 1, 2016 in Northern Climate)

Wallside Windows meet Energy Star Version 6.0 in the Northern Climate Zone


Wallside’s Superior Low-E glass:

  • Complies with EnergyStar® Version 6.0 requirements. The EnergyStar® label ensures you’re getting the most energy-efficient window for your climate zone.
  • Keeps your home warm and cozy during the Midwest winters by blocking heat loss to the cold weather outside.
  • In the summer, its low U-Factor blocks heat gain from the hot weather outside.
  • Helps regulate your home’s environment, including keeping relative humidity at a comfortable and healthy level.

“Low-E” stands for “low-emissivity.” You could also call it “high-reflectivity.”

The clear, Low-E coating on Wallside Windows means glass reflects thermal infrared heat back to where it’s coming from notably, back inside your home in winter.

Insulated glass units in Wallside Windows also help keep your home cooler in summer by reducing incoming heat rays, and help keep the colors of your home’s furniture and fabrics true by reducing the amount of incoming ultraviolet light.


Wallside Windows are insulated with Argon gas, a naturally-occurring, inert gas which improves thermal performance.

Argon improves a window’s energy efficiency because it is denser than the surrounding atmosphere and provides thermal insulation at all times to protect your home from the elements outside year-round.

Wallside Windows also include state-of-the-art stainless steel “warm-edge” spacer technology. Our spacers help reduce heat loss in several ways, adding even more energy efficiency to our windows. And, they are the most durable spacers on the market, designed to last even longer than our 35-year guarantee!

Most Wallside Windows qualify for certification under the U.S. Government’s EnergyStar® Version 6.0 program, which helps consumers find energy-efficient products.

Other Glass Options



Translucent pebbly finish allows light in but obscures view for privacy. Usually used in bathrooms.

Etched & Grooved


Choose from many beautiful designs for an elegant interior look. A simple cross pattern is often used in doorwalls for beauty and safety; more decorative motifs are available as well, including those pictured here.



Gray glass reduces the amount of light coming into an area.


Used where safety is an issue, tempered glass is about four times stronger than normal. It doesn’t break easily, but when it does it breaks into tiny pieces, like automotive glass. It’s required by law in doorlights, bathroom windows near tubs or showers, and windows having glass within 18 inches of the floor.