Our Installation


Wallside contract installers install windows. They don’t build decks or sunrooms or finish basements.
Almost certainly, the professionals who bring your new Wallside Windows will have installed hundreds or thousands before.

Expect an efficient process

  • Our installers will phone you the morning of your installation before we come out
  • Our installers will re-measure your window openings and set out all the new windows before we begin
  • Our installers will typically install your windows in a day, often in only a few hours

Our factory supports our installer

If a part should break in transit, our installers will simply phone and tell the factory to dispatch another one pronto.

That’s just one of many advantages of buying from Wallside, which manufactures its windows.

The ABCs of installation

  • Our installers will “tarp out” your house, covering your flooring with protective plastic and follow EPA Lead Safe installation practices
  • Our installers will remove your old windows; with most window types our goal is not to break a single pane of glass
  • Our installers will install and adjust each new window, insulating around each window with QUAD® WINDOW foam that keeps out air and water for the most energy efficient insulation, and caulking the exterior of the window to ensure a proper seal
  • Our installers will replace the original interior stop moulding around your windows using only the finest quality pine or optional oak

Painting of your new inside trim? We leave that to you. The outside needs no attention.

Quality testing, cleanup & demonstration

  • Our installers will remeasure to make sure your new windows are within correct tolerances
  • Our installers will test each window to make sure it opens and closes easily
  • Our installers will clean up inside and out; though we’ll often vacuum, you’ll want to plan on dusting after we’ve gone
  • Our installers will take the time to show you how your new windows work and answer any questions

Long after the job is finished

You can rest easy, knowing that Wallside stands behind your windows for 35 years, no matter who owns your home.


Professionally installed in all open spaces around window


Aluminum Trim

Precision bent on-site for your home’s beauty and weather protection


OSI caulk matches exterior trim

About 50 installation crews load up every morning outside the Wallside factory.